[Newgtld-input] Yuwei's Comments on Metering

Alan Tan tanyaling at zodiac-corp.com
Sun Aug 19 03:48:07 UTC 2012

This comments is sent on behalf of Yuwei, the applicant for 4 Chinese
geographical names TLDs.

Answer: as a geographic name TLDs applicant, Yuwei would like to echo
the comments made by other geo-TLD applicant on the metering of the
geographic TLDs. Further, Yuwei would like to stress the importance
and value of positioning geo-TLDs and IDN in the priority of the
metering method.

A fair and equitable way would be to delegate applications in an order
that serves the public interest and supporting the development of
Internet in the under-development countries. Such an order should
prioritize uncontested applications that have a special public
interest status such as Geographical Nam, IDNs.

As a second step an ICANN region based round-robin should be conducted
with uncontested applications from five geographic regions, the
round-robin will be continued as long as necessary. Applications in
extended evaluation, objection, contention and with GAC interaction
will be added to the round-robin pool as soon as their objection
and/or contention has been completed.


Answer:Yuwei is the applicant for four Chinese geographical TLDs and a
new entrant in ICANN community. Yuwei will benefit from abovementioned
approach by given the priority to entering the processes. In terms of
business planning an early approval of Geo-TLDs is likely to
contribute to a maximum economic and political success of the New gTLD
program and ICANN’s reputation as well. And Yuwei is convinced that
putting IDNs and geographic names in a preferential position will not
only substantially support the Internet development in developing
countries, but also manifest the true value of ICANN.

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