[Newgtld-input] New gTLD input from dotHIV

Carolin Silbernagl cs at dothiv.org
Mon Aug 20 19:26:02 UTC 2012

Dear Chairman Chalaby and Members of the Program Committee,

as applicant for the .hiv Top-Level Domain, we support the Proposal on Sequencing submitted by Sarah Falvey, as sent to you on August 19th. 
With this email we want to highlight some specific elements of the proposal which seem essential to us. 

dotHIV is a single string applicant operating in favor of the international AIDS response. As a charitable association, we are founded and bound to serve the public interest. With this, dotHIV is one representative of the divers set of new gTLDs. We understand the initial intention of the new gTLD program to enhance competition and consumer choice, and enable the benefits if innovation on the Top Level. Hence we believe that diversity is one of the core values which all actors involved in the New gTLD program embrace. While this diversity is not fully captured by the application categories of IDN, community and geoTLDs alone, we believe that the proposed classes of buckets can get close to it, and kindly ask the program committee to consider this solution.

We support that a sequencing of applications is favorable over a batching approach. As a small economic entity, transparency in the process and a clear outline which steps have been accomplished and what lies ahead is very important to us. We are working with partnering organizations which provide generous pro bono support - and being able to tell them on a constant basis how the process is evolving, is essential to manage the network. We assume this to be true for many smaller applicants which are integrated in cooperative structures and/or supported by public actors.

Finally, we want to underline the worth we see in a process guided by dialogue - and want to thank the Program Committee for the opportunity to provide input.

Kind regards
Carolin Silbernagl

Carolin Silbernagl 
dotHIV gemeinnuetziger e. V.
Lehmbruckstr. 3
10245 Berlin
dotHIV gemeinnütziger e. V. (Incorporated Nonprofit Association)
Management Board: Carolin SIlbernagl, Tobias Mölder, Philipp Kafkoulas
Commercial Register: Amtsgericht Berlin (Charlottenburg) VR 31092, Registered Office: Berlin

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