[Ssr2-review] SSR2 Leadership Call for Expressions of Interest, Background, Requirements and Proposed Roles

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This is to open the Call for Expressions of Interest in a SSR2 Review Team Leadership position.  Note that the process will be discussed during the face-to-face meeting in Copenhagen with an initial agreement from the 2 March call to keep the expressions of interest open until the week after ICANN58 after which a call will be held by the Review team members to finalize their leadership.

On the 2 March SSR2 Overview Discussion call there was a brief exchange on the leadership for the SSR2.  The presentation for this call has been posted for the 2 March meeting<https://community.icann.org/display/SSR/SSR2+Meeting+%231+-+02+March?preview=/64072071/64074111/Final%20v1%20SSR2%201st%20RT%20Meeting%202March2017_Final.pdf> on the SSR2 wiki page under Plenary meetings.

This initial discussion covered the leadership structure preferences for SSR2 consideration, which included support from several of the SSR2 Review Team members who were on the call for a Co-Chair model over a single Chair or Chair and Vice-Chair arrangement as that would allow for shared responsibilities.  There was also an action item assigned to Staff to provide some background on what other groups have chosen for their leadership model

Background - Reference leadership models:

  *   ATRT1 - Three of the four ATRT1 Working Groups had a Chair and a Vice-Chair while 1 had 2 Co-Chairs (very small teams usually 4)
  *   ATRT2 had a Chair and 3 Vice-Chairs – 11 members, 2 independent experts and 3 ex-officio.
  *   CCT – Competition & Consumer Trust has sub-teams with a Chair for each and a Chair for the review team
  *   SSR1 had 3 sub-teams each with a Chair
  *   CCWG-Acct WS1 and WS2 has three Co-Chairs
  *   GNSO PDP Groups use several models of leadership from single Chair to Co-Chairs

Leadership Considerations:
·         Review Teams will select their own leadership keeping in mind that the Chair / Vice-Chairs must have the expertise to effectively lead the group so that it functions properly, the ability to communicate, subject matter expertise, time management skills and budget/financial management capabilities.
·         The designated Review Team leadership (Chair/Vice-Chair’s) will have responsibilities for managing the work of the review team and will also be responsible for determining consensus (per Bylaws Section 4.6 (a) (iii).
·         Proposed Roles of Chair and Vice-Chair
·         Remain neutral when serving as Chair/Vice Chair
·         Identify when speaking as an advocate
·         Maintain standards and focus on the aims of the Review Team as established in its Terms of Reference
·         Drive toward delivery of key milestones according to the Work Plan
o   Ensure effective communication between members and with broader community, board and staff
o   Set the agenda and run the meetings
o   Ensure that all meeting attendees get accurate, timely and clear information
o   Determine, identify and document the level of consensus within the team
o   Provide clarity on team decisions
o   Ensure decisions are acted upon
o   Build and develop teamwork
o   Manage the team’s budget and financial reporting to maintain accountability and transparency

Items to be considered by the SSR2 RT
·         What process should be undertaken to select the Review Teams leadership?
o   At the first meeting, there was discussion of nominations followed by self-nominations followed by a vote.
·         Should there be a single Chair or Co-Chairs elected?
o   No discussion at first meeting.
·         How should expressions of interest for the role be noted?
o   No discussion at first meeting.
·         Can this take place on the team email list?
o   No discussion at first meeting.
·         How long should the process take to select the SSR2 leadership?
o   At the first meeting, there was discussion of how long to hold open the expression of interest in SSR2 leadership positions and to hold a call one week after the ICANN 59 meeting which would be after the first face to face meeting for the group to determine RT leadership.
·         Can there be a Chair/Co-Chair in place for the 12 March Public Consultation to run the meeting?
o   At the first meeting this was discussed and the consensus seemed that leadership will not be in place by the 12th so that RT members can volunteer to facilitate the session.

Please circulate your interest in a leadership role to the review team members at  ssr2-review at icann.org<mailto:ssr2-review at icann.org>.


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