[Ssr2-review] Planned Workshop in LA

Boban Krsic krsic at denic.de
Tue Oct 3 22:38:10 UTC 2017

Dear Kaveh and ICANN Board,

On behalf of the ICANN SSR subgroup of the SSR2 review team we acknowledge your communication of Wednesday 4th October referring to the concerns of the board about the scope of activities.

We welcome a constructive dialogue with the board on these scope concerns, however given the time pressures that the subgroup is under to execute our work plan at the F2F workshop in Los Angeles we respectively submit that the most efficient manner for us to resolve these concerns would be with an extended dialogue with the Board or the board caucus group in Abu Dhabi. 

We intend to continue with our LA workshop as planned, as this is a critical information gathering exercise, we will then enter into a good faith dialogue to address the boards concerns both in Abu Dhabi or through any other alternative times that may be available. We hope to come to mutual understanding on the outputs and eventual recommendations that will be drafted as a result of this workshop.


Boban Krsic on behalf of the ICANN SSR Subgroup.

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