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Tue Oct 17 13:59:26 UTC 2017

Hi Patrik,

Thank you for your (below) email on what you and the SO/AC chairs are doing. The SSR2 Review Team (SSR2) (cc’d) has been making progress and has cleared several milestones, but we certainly welcome any additional resources that the SO/AC chairs want to offer.  We are more than happy to point out and/or provide any additional information from SSR2 to illustrate these activities, so please let us know if that would be helpful.

The SSR2 Review Team has made public all of its plans, information review, deliberations, and activities. The Review Team has been (and remains) open to comments, advice, and critiques of its work from the entire ICANN community during its entire period of operation because we believe that transparency is critical to our success. Naturally, a part of that includes clear lines of communication.  In addition to sending all of the ICANN constituencies, SOs, and ACs regular updates and links to our work, we are eager to meet with each of them in Abu Dhabi at ICANN 60. We continue to appreciate the contributions of SSAC’s appointees to SSR2 and we also think that both SSAC and the full SSR2 will benefit from an opportunity for direct face-to-face discussions at ICANN 60.

The cancelation notice we received for the SSAC/SSR2 meeting at ICANN 60 was disappointing and surprising.  In particular, considering the amount of progress SSR2 has made, the points raised to the Board and in the email below seem to illustrate an inaccurate assessment of the SSR2’s progress and direction, in our opinion. We request that you please put the SSR2 meeting back on SSAC’s calendar at ICANN 60 so all the Review Team members can get clarity on SSAC’s views and objectives.


Denise Michel and Eric Osterweil

Co-Chairs, Security, Stability & Resiliency of the DNS Review Team

On 10/11/17, 10:04 PM, "Patrik Fältström" <paf at frobbit.se> wrote:


    I wanted to bring you up to speed on what myself and the SOAC chairs are doing.

    We have since already when SSR2 team was to be appointed have some issues with the appointment process. We where tasked to appoint people that had self-nominated themselves, asking for endorsement from the various SOAC groups. And do it before the scope and charter for the SSR2 team was created, so in reality it was a bit unclear what we where looking for. On top of this, we appointed people individually, while at the same time we had a responsibility to try to ensure the aggregate had the skills and diversity required and sought for.

    A very difficuly task. Specifically as it at that point in time was confusing what the difference is between SO/AC Chairs and the larger group that also included the various leaders of for example ALAC RALOs and GNSO SGs. For pure administrative reasons. As simple things as not having separate mailing lists / aliases for the two different, but overlapping groups did not help.

    This is something we have been discussing since then, and we have had since a while back scheduled a session Friday before Abu Dhabi to discuss this meta issue.

    After being contacted by the Organizational Effectiveness Committee of the Board we started to reach out to our respective groups on the situation in SSR2. Within SSAC we already (as you understand) had a discussion ongoing as our appointed members in SSR2 had in their reporting rised dissatisfaction with the process as a whole which included the view that you in the leadership do very hard work, but did not get much help.

    We SO/AC chairs had a call Monday this week to talk about the situation and we reconfirmed the session in Abu Dhabi.

    Our hope is to be able to help you get forward movement with more active, and more happy members of the SSR2 team.

    If you have any questions, do not hesitate reaching out to me.

    That said, we SO/AC chairs do not want having us do end-run around the communication channel we already have between SSR2 and us via our respective appointed/endorsed members.


       Patrik Fältström

       SSAC Chair

    Cc: Rod Rasmussen, on Jan 1 2018 incoming chair of SSAC

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