[technology taskforce] Presentation from TTF meeting on 24 June 2013 on how At-Large Content is organised

Gordon Chillcott gordontc at look.ca
Fri Jul 5 21:49:34 UTC 2013


I read this and really liked it.  But something bothered me.  The
presentation on the page is quite good.  And the comments are rather
interesting.   So that wasn't it.

It suddenly occurred to me that there is a lot of discussion about the
content and not much about just what the content is.    Now, I know that
it should be possible to derive that from identifying what tools are
used, but that doesn't necessarily work, in my experience (it's too easy
to use a screwdriver for a prybar).   Once that is described, your
approach appears to work for me.

With that in mind, I think we can expand the very first item, “list the
tools used by At-Large to generate/organize/distribute content”.  At
this point we can identify items of content and ask “how do we get

I took a swing at this – very quickly – and came up with a list.  This
needs to be considered a VERY rough draft, though.   FWIW, here it is:

Types of content:

Meeting Reports
1. transcripts (text)
2. minutes (text)
3. voice recordings (mp3?)
4. presentations (graphics,slide-presentations,videos)
5. chat transcripts (text)
6. other (graphics, pictures, etc.)

Meeting Notices/Invitations
1. Mail (Text)
2. Calendar entries
3. Link to Meeting Page	
1. agenda (text)
2. invitees (text)

1. proposal body (text)
2. comments (text)

1. report body (text)
2. comments (text)

Position papers
1. body (text)
2. illustrations (graphics)

Mailing Lists (links)

Work Spaces
1. bodies of reports (text)
2. illustrations (graphics)
3. presentations (graphics,slide-presentations,videos)

The first question that arises is "who generates what?", the next is
"with what?" and the rest of your approach follows.

I think.


On Tue, 2013-07-02 at 09:59 -0400, Dev Anand Teelucksingh wrote:
> I've uploaded the PDF that was shown on the TTF call last week.
> https://community.icann.org/display/atlarge/Ideas+for+improving+the+organisation+of+At-Large+content
> This is what I have in mind on how to implement the TTF project on
> improving the organisation of At-Large content
> * list the tools used by At-Large to generate/organise/distribute content
> * for At-Large Working Groups
> - What tools are used for At-Large Working Groups
> - describe how the content is organised using these tools
> - note issues regarding At-Large Working Group Content
> - develop recommendations to alleviate issues noted
> And then repeat for RALO content and ALAC content.
> Any thoughts on this approach? If there is agreement on this approach,
> then we can continue to edit the document in this style. Perhaps
> persons can be penholders for the different sections
> The document is in a Google Document and I can share an editable link
> with persons willing to work on this.
> Dev Anand
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