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Microsoft legend Ray Ozzie wants to kill the conference call
Talko is a phone app that even your boss will approve of
By Ellis Hamburger
Sep 23 2014

We haven’t heard from Ray Ozzie in a while, which is unusual. Ozzie has
been a very busy man since the early 80s — he worked on VisiCalc, the
first spreadsheet app, invented Lotus Notes and sold it to IBM for
billions, then founded Groove Networks, a peer-to-peer collaboration
app, which he sold to Microsoft in 2005. In 2006, Ozzie took the reins
from Bill Gates as Microsoft’s chief software architect.

It’s quite the resume. Five years have past since Ozzie left Microsoft,
but he hasn’t retired. He’s been pursuing an old vision disguised as a
new one. It turns out that Ozzie wasn’t finished with the problems
Groove set out to solve. The app prophesied a new age of internet
services where you could share files, instant message, and manage tasks
with colleagues in real-time, but floundered under Microsoft (similarly,
Wave floundered at Google). Today, Ozzie is reviving that vision with
Talko, a new app for iPhone that’s coming soon to Android and web.

Talko is a little bit WhatsApp, a little bit Google Voice, and a little
bit push-to-talk app Voxer. The app lets you text, call, send voice or
photo messages, and conference call your team — with the ease of today’s
top consumer apps. Every message and call is recorded inside one thread,
and you can bookmark specific audio bits or messages so people can
return to them later (similar to SoundCloud). Talko is designed to turn
your average meeting minutes doc into a living conversation — a
conference call, then a series of messages, then a photo — and each
conversation has a URL only accessible to your team.

"The ring is evil."

"People have been able to record conference calls for quite some time,
and there are various products that let you take sideband text notes,
but they haven’t been wrapped in a form that has broadly gotten people’s
minds away from equating voice with the phone," says Ozzie. "What’s
broken about the phone call fundamentally is that people hate
interrupting other people. The ring is evil." So, Talko is built around
the asynchronous nature of how we talk to each other today. If somebody
misses the beginning of a conference call, they can hop in midway and
listen to what’s happened, or send a quick text to the people on the
call, or listen to the call later with the aid of bookmarks and tags to
guide the way. Someday, Ozzie says, Talko will likely transcribe all
these missed calls for you.


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