[technology taskforce] Feedback on ICANN54 Meeting app

Stuart stuart.clark at Jahingo.com
Sat Oct 24 20:35:04 UTC 2015

Hi all,

Dublin was my first ICANN meeting and the new meeting app really helped 
me in trying to figure out what was going on. Hopefully a few of you 
noticed me (generally at the back) of some of the At Large related meetings.

Regarding the app I installed the Android version on both my mobile & 
tablet. It worked very well in general, but I'd make a few suggestions:

1. Maybe some form of auto-update preference as I seemed to be clicking 
on the red update now dot pretty frequently.

2. As I was using two devices it would have been really handy to have 
synchronisation of information between them. For example I updated my 
profile information on one device but that wasn't shared and the 
personal schedules were totally different between the two devices.

3. The ability to add sessions/my whole personal schedule to the native 
calendar (i.e. Google calendar for my Andriod devices) would be great. 
As it was my nightly ritual was to go through both device's personal 
schedules and the add the sessions of interest via the main ICANN 
meeting website and the add to calendar functionality found there.


Stuart Clark

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