[technology taskforce] Fellowship program could benefit from our help

thomascovenant ttf at thomascovenant.org
Mon Nov 6 22:00:03 UTC 2017

Hi everyone,

it was great to see many of you in person at ICANN60.

I am following up on my session suggestion - is it within
our scope to work together with Fellowship program?

If yes, I think some of the following might be of help:

- secure personal data handling and storage
- adding encryption possibility (generate key, encrypt if requested)
- alternative means of communication that would be inclusive towards
FOSS people joining the force:

a bit about FB/Google/Whatsapp downsides and alternatives, perhaps
trying out new things together

- mailing list for new Fellows, why it is a better alternative to
having a list of emails and how to manage a list

I believe positive constructive outreach will be useful. o/

What do you think?

Have a nice week,


* * *
Dina solveig Jalkanen, thomascovenant on Freenode
Friendly geek in Amsterdam chaos, ICANN NCUC, FSFE Fellow

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