Reason for DST change in US

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Tue Apr 7 23:28:41 UTC 1987

  The Associated Press ran a short story this past week on how the
change in daylight saving time came to be.  The following is not
a verbatim transcription but the parts that caught my eye.

  J. Phillip Halstead was the manager of public affairs at Chlorox
Co. and was trying to increase the sales of its Kingsford brand of
charcoal briquettes.  He found that sales would go up 5-15% for each
month that had an extra hour of daylight.  He said "More light
equaled more barbecues and more charcoal briquettes."

  Halstead now has a consulting business and estimates that the one
hour shift is worth about $4 billion in additional sales for outside-
based recreation.  Another figure: there will be 4 million additional
golf games.

  Cost for this recreation windfall was about $50,000 in lobbying costs.

Bob Devine

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