Reason for DST change in US

Joseph S. D. Yao seismo!hadron!jsdy
Wed Apr 8 15:17:34 UTC 1987

>   Cost for this recreation windfall was about $50,000 in lobbying costs.

(*sigh*)  That may have been a contribution (nopunintended) to DST
being finally implemented.  I know the Farmers' lobby was agin' it.
However, Ben Franklin thought up the idea during one of his ...
ummm ... voyages ("junkets" is not used in this area ;-)) to Paris.
That was a few years before Clorox and Charcoal Briquettes.

I do notice, however, that your article did not claim that it was
solely done at the behest of Halstead, nor solely for his benefit.
I seem to vaguely recall some other considerations.  And that was
definitely not the consideration for its adoption during the War(s),
which was probably what inspired Halstead et al. later on.

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