tzsetwall() vs. doing explicit things

Joseph S. D. Yao seismo!hadron!jsdy
Sun Apr 12 18:16:43 UTC 1987

Quick question: doesn't a new question warrant a new Subject: line?
We've been going quite a while on these two ...

I think that one should use a function specially provided (tzsetwall())
to set the time to "wall clock" time.  This could unsetenv("TZ"), or
read the "localtime" file for appropriate values of "TZ", or whatever.
I like the latter approach, myself ... probably requires unsetenv()
and setenv() to do right, though.  The point is that we should hide as
much of the messy detail as possible inside the time library/module.

	Joe Yao		jsdy at hadron.COM (not yet domainised)

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