extending the time range

Mark Horton seismo!cbpavo.MIS.OH.ATT.COM!mark
Mon Apr 13 02:37:48 UTC 1987

I don't see 64 bits as a viable alternative; there just aren't
any compilers out there that support a 64 bit integer, certainly
we can't depend on it, and too much code likes to carry around a
single quantity.

The more I think about it, the more I think that if I am going to
build a general library to handle dates and times, I'm not going
to use a time_t as my canonical type, even extended to 64 bits.
I need things like variable precision (e.g. my birthday should be
clearly precise to the day, not the second, but some measurements
have subsecond precision) and the ability to handle notions like
"before".  I don't see any reasonable way to implement it except
using a character string as the canonical format - a char string
in ISO format can do it pretty cleanly.


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