South Australia fools around with it's timezone again

Mark Prior mrp at
Mon Sep 19 02:47:09 UTC 1994

Just when I thought the politicians had got some sort of system into
our magic roundabout of a timezone they play about with it again! It
appears that even though there is no Adelaide Festival next year we
are ending daylight saving on March 26 (ie we are using the even year
rule in an odd year). Apparently we are doing this to stay in line
with Victoria and Tasmania so maybe this is for Moomba or something.
NSW and ACT are finishing daylight saving as usual on March 5.

At least they haven't played with the start of daylight saving which
is still the last Sunday in October.

So next year's rule is

Rule    AS      1995    only    -       Mar     26      2:00    0    -


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