South Australia fools around with it's timezone again

Robert Elz kre at munnari.OZ.AU
Mon Sep 19 08:43:57 UTC 1994

    Date:        Mon, 19 Sep 1994 12:17:09 +0930
    From:        Mark Prior <mrp at>
    Message-ID:  <9409190247.AA17698 at>

    It appears that even though there is no Adelaide Festival next
    year we are ending daylight saving on March 26 (ie we are using the even year
    rule in an odd year).

My guess is that this will now be the permanent end date, with no
odd/even year stuff.

    Apparently we are doing this to stay in line with Victoria and 
    Tasmania so maybe this is for Moomba or something

No, there was (in the eastern states anyway) a big rucus earlier
this year aboth extending DST, and attemptint to get all of the
DST states onto the same rules (note that Tas ran longer than Vic
SA (etc) before).

    NSW and ACT are finishing daylight saving as usual on March 5.

NSW decided not to go along with the other states - though some
concession was made - originally the plan was to move the start
date as well (to early Oct), and if NSW persist in not changing
at all, that may happen in the other states next year.  ACT
obviously just goes along with NSW, anything else would be silly.

    So next year's rule is
    Rule    AS      1995    only    -       Mar     26      2:00    0    -

I suspect that you're going to want 1995 -> forever ("forever"
being until they decide to change it again of course).  Ie: if
no further changes are made, 97 should be the same, etc.

I had been intending to send a emssage about this for some time,
but wanted to check the details first - which I still haven't
done - eg: I don't know if Mar 26 is the 4th Sunday, the last
Sunday (next year its both of those) or something else.

The Vic & Tas rules will need adjusting as well.  At least all
three should (in theory) become the same now.   Once I get a chance
to find out what te rules really should become, I will send a
message (to the tz list).


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