Is the current Canada/Central zoneinfo correct?

Arthur David Olson ado
Mon Sep 25 21:23:49 UTC 1995

I called Tourism Winnipeg, (800) 665-0204, at 8:55 p.m. GMT on 9/25/95
(4:55 p.m. in Washington, DC; US Eastern Daylight Time, the same as New York).

The answering party said it was 3:55 in Winnipeg;
Winnipeg being Central, this one-hour difference would indicate they're also
still on Daylight Time.

The current "northamerica" file yields a two-hour difference,
and shows Winnipeg back on Standard Time (indicated by the "CST" below):
	Script started on Mon Sep 25 17:19:30 1995
	elsie$ ./zdump GMT America/New_York America/Winnipeg
	GMT               Mon Sep 25 21:19:41 1995 GMT
	America/New_York  Mon Sep 25 17:19:41 1995 EDT
	America/Winnipeg  Mon Sep 25 15:19:41 1995 CST
	elsie$ exit

	script done on Mon Sep 25 17:19:45 1995
So it does look as if something is amiss.  Whether it's the rule or the
answering party, what the right rule is, and what area the right rule applies
in deponent sayeth not.


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