Is the current Canada/Central zoneinfo correct?

Paul Eggert eggert at
Mon Sep 25 21:44:31 UTC 1995

   Date: Mon, 25 Sep 1995 13:30:31 -0700
   From: alanp at jurassic@Sun.COM (Alan Perry)

   one of our customers just submitted a bug against the current
   Canada/Central (aka America/Winnepeg) entry complaining that it
   switches back to Standard Time one week too early.

   The current entry for Canada/Central says that it should switch on the last
   Sunday in September, which would have been yesterday, the 24th.

   Who is right?  Our customer or the current zoneinfo source?

Presumably your customer is right.

I tried to find out the time in Winnipeg by telnetting to the time
port of various hosts, and found massive confusion (which is what
would be expected).  However, well-known servers like seemed to be using DST, which indicates that
the tz tables are wrong.

Could you check with your customer about the ``one week too early''
part?  That is, has Manitoba changed to switch the first Sunday in
October rather than the last Sunday in September?  That would be odd,
since if Manitoba changed at all, I would have expected it to change
to conform to the rest of Canada, which uses the last Sunday in
October if it uses DST at all.

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