Moscow time & public transit in CIS

Chris Carrier 72157.3334 at CompuServe.COM
Wed Oct 30 05:14:46 UTC 1996

According to a friend of mine who rode the Trans-Siberian Railroad from Moscow
to Irkutsk in 1995, public air and rail transport in Russia after the USSR
breakup still follows Moscow time, no matter where in Russia it is located; he
mentioned getting off the train in Irkutsk at 03:00 railway time to see the
sun up and people going to work at 08:00 local time, and when flying back
having to wait an unexpected 5 hours in the airport for a plane which he
thought was leaving on local time when it was really leaving on Moscow time.
In those parts of the USSR which were in Europe and outside the Russian
Federation, public transport runs on local time (which has a standard of
GMT+2, moving back with Moscow in 1991 when they were still Soviet but staying
on GMT+2 when Moscow standard time moved back to GMT on 1992-01-18, right
after the breakup).
Don't know what the Central Asian CIS republics are doing about transport
time; anyone know?
Chris Carrier

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