Clock change orgy of 1996-10-27

Rob Jones 4-6597 MR Sys jones at
Wed Oct 30 16:55:27 UTC 1996

Anyone willing to venture a guess as to the number of clocks involved ?
 (including uwaves, vcrs, etc...)

11 clocks at my home, but only 3 people.
  -- Rob Jones

On Oct 30, 12:13am, Chris Carrier wrote:
> Subject: Clock change orgy of 1996-10-27
> On 1996-10-28 05:04 GMT I posted:
> more people changed time today, 1996 October 27, than on any other date
> in history.
> To which Paul Eggert commented:
> >Could be.  1991-09-15 is another candidate; it's the last time that
> >China changed its clocks.
> Good point.  The magnitude of the clock changing orgy, in terms of number of
> people, would have been about the same.  Speaking in very broad general
> the population of the US (ex. eastern IN, HI, and AZ) is about 250 million,
> Mexico 100 million, EU 350 million, Russia 150 million, totalling 850
> plus or minus 100 M.  The population of China is somewhere in the range of
> 1100-1200 million, so it would take another 300 million people, in non-EU
> Europe and the Central Asian republics of the CIS, changing time on 1996
> October 27 to exceed the Chinese 1991 record.  Sounds like a close thing.
> I furthermore posted an:
> Editorial comment on the above: it should have been on the last Sunday in
> September not October!

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