FW: Non Delivery Report

Paul Eggert eggert at twinsun.com
Wed Dec 10 21:11:36 UTC 1997

   From: 	Denis.Excoffier at ens.fr[SMTP:Denis.Excoffier at ens.fr]
   Sent: 	Wednesday, December 10, 1997 11:00 AM

   my zdump seems to be broken (mentions 1970 too
   often). Ever heard about this ? (solaris2.5, sparc20)

Solaris 2.5 zic and zdump don't allow times before 1970.  This bug is
fixed in Solaris 2.6.  In the meantime, you can use the elsie tz and
zdump instead; they're compatible with Solaris 2.5.

   Paris Mean Time ... should be 0:09:21

Yes, you're correct.  That bug is corrected in the current version;
the correction affected the tables for Algiers, Monaco, Paris, and
Tunis.  (Shanks claims Tunis switched from PMT to GMT+0100 two days
early in March 1911, but for now we're assuming this is a typo.)

The current version also notes that France's time was officially an
integral number of hours away from (Paris Mean Time minus 0:09:21)
from 1911 through 1978, when the official time base finally switched
to UTC.

   By the way, is there somewhere a lastest version of those files ?


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