Could you send me a listing of time zones of the world.

Brian Sawyer bsawyer at
Thu Dec 18 06:28:30 UTC 1997

stewart at wrote:
> In message <34976107.4451 at> you write:
> >Could you email me time zones of the world by plus or minus hours
> >converted from the united states times to the other countries, not by
> >just a map, but actually listing the city and then if it ahead or behind
> >my time.  An example would be:
> >Marshalltown, Iowa (I'm from here) to Los Angelos  -2 hours
> >                                   to New York  +1 hour
> >and so on with conversions from all over the world.
> >I have poor eyes and can't see the maps very good.  I'm interested in
> >time.  I thank you for your time and cooperation.  You have a Merry
> >Christmas and a Happy New Year.
> Merry christmas to you too.  Since I don't have a way to do this offhand,
> I'll give you a pointer to some information that will allow you to do this.
> The folks who maintain the Timezone Database and the various access
> routines have a mailing list at tz at  Current
> versions of their database and access library live at
> --
> Paul
I was asked by Paul if I could refer to you on this matter.  Can youhelp
me out?  Can I be on your mailing list.  Contact me by email.  Thank you
for your cooperation and you have a very peaceful and joyous holiday


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