Mass switch at the equinoxes

Chris Carrier 72157.3334 at CompuServe.COM
Fri Mar 21 04:41:37 UTC 1997

Alex Livingston (alex at wrote:
>This is an ideal time for anywhere at a high enough latitude in the northern
>hemisphere to advance clocks *and* anywhere at a (numerically) high enough
>latitude in the southern hemisphere to retard clocks. Imagine if all the
>world that did change changed on the same weekend!
I totally agree.  I would like to see a world convention where northern-
hemisphere DSTers all agree to start and end on the last Sundays in March and
September, as Europe did 1981-95, and southern-hemisphere DSTers end and start
on the same weekends.
Unfortunately things seem to be going in the other direction, given the EU's
decision to copy the US/UK bad habit of ending DST on the last Sunday in
OCTOBER, by the end of which the sun is rising later than the large majority
of day-shift workers get up.
Chris Carrier

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