Mass switch at the equinoxes

Nathan Myers ncm at
Fri Mar 21 06:05:23 UTC 1997

Alex Livingston (alex at wrote:
>This is an ideal time for anywhere at a high enough latitude in the northern
>hemisphere to advance clocks *and* anywhere at a (numerically) high enough
>latitude in the southern hemisphere to retard clocks. Imagine if all the
>world that did change changed on the same weekend!

Chris Carrier:
>I totally agree. 

Clearly the only sensible approach to time would be to leave the damn 
clocks alone, and change schedules to match reality.  However, it's a 
waste of everybody's time and attention to discuss this here.  We techies
are constrained to chase after whatever foolish decisions are made in the 
parliaments and politburos of world.  This list is about details of that 

Maybe there should be another list to help discover strategies to influence 
idiot politicians.  I hope that those of you who are interested in the idea 
will create that list, instead of using this one.

Nathan Myers
ncm at

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