Commentary on time zone policy

Chris Carrier 72157.3334 at CompuServe.COM
Tue Mar 25 05:41:10 UTC 1997

I wrote:
>>The current list is divided many ways as to what relationship local mean
>>time (LMT) should have to local clock time (LCT).  ...
Nathan Myers > INTERNET:ncm at wrote:
>... And all such divisions are completely irrelevant, because nobody who
>decides about time zone law reads this list.
You do not know that to be a fact, and if some of the more active people on
this list have their way, persons in positions to make such decisions will be
using this as a resource base.
>Please take your opinions about national time zone policies someplace where
>they will make a difference.
I don't see anything wrong with including commentary on various actual and
proposed changes.  It is within the scope of this list, or at least not
totally irrelevant to time zoning.  That I voted for candidate X because I
liked his stand on non-time-zone issue Y is irrelevant to this list; opinions
on time zoning issues are not, have come from more people than just myself,
(you may note that I was replying to another proposal in my post) and are,
AFAIK, welcome from the people who run this list.
Chris Carrier

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