Commentary on time zone policy

Nathan Myers ncm at
Tue Mar 25 07:34:23 UTC 1997

Chris Carrier writes:
> Nathan Myers > INTERNET:ncm at wrote:
> >... And all such divisions are completely irrelevant, because nobody who
> >decides about time zone law reads this list. ...
> I don't see anything wrong with including commentary on various actual and
> proposed changes. 

I apologize for sounding testy.  It's frustrating enough keeping up 
with all the foolishness of law without entertaining suggestions for 
policy improvements we have no hint of authority to act on.  This list 
is the place changes to the tz database are discussed, and we those of
us who follow it must subscribe to keep informed.

I meant the suggestion to post in a more appropriate place seriously: 
your wise analysis is wasted where no reader can act on it.  I also
meant seriously the suggestion to start a more appropriate list.
People who understand politics should be involved, and they are not 

Nathan Myers
ncm at

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