Brazil can't decide on daylight savings

Daniel C. Sobral dcs at
Thu Feb 12 15:37:18 UTC 1998

This is a patch I submitted to FreeBSD regarding recent and very
recent changes on Daylight Savings beginning and ending dates on
Brazil. In 1997, the DS began on October 6. The stated reason was
that because international television networks ignored Brazil's
policy on DS, they bought the wrong times on satellite for coverage
of Pope's visit.

This year, the ending date of DS was postponed to March first to
help dealing with the shortages of electric power.

I was also told to send you any citations demonstrating the
announcements dates, but I can't. The ending date was changed this
week, I'm almost sure the announcement was made tuesday (it was
being expected, and I was first notified of it through a backweb
newspaper service). As for the change in 1997, I really don't recall
any dates (besides the ones that have direct impact to me, being a
sysadm, of course).

The patch is attached.

Daniel C. Sobral		  (8-DCS)
dcs at

Every program has (at least) two purposes:
	the one for which it was written and another for which it wasn't.
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*** southamerica.orig	Wed Feb 11 21:06:09 1998
--- southamerica	Wed Feb 11 21:06:58 1998
*** 272,277 ****
--- 272,279 ----
  Rule	Brazil	1994	1995	-	Feb	Sun>=15	 0:00	0	S
  Rule	Brazil	1996	max	-	Feb	Sun>=11	 0:00	0	S
  Rule	Brazil	1996	max	-	Oct	Sun>=1	 0:00	1:00	D
+ Rule	Brazil	1997	only	-	Oct	 6	 0:00	1:00	D
+ Rule	Brazil	1998	only	-	Mar	 1	 0:00	0	S

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