Updated UK history of Summer Time

Alex LIVINGSTON alex at agsm.unsw.edu.au
Tue Jan 6 05:10:30 UTC 1998

Remarkable compilation!

A couple of typos:

>- SR&O 1916, No 382
>An Order made under the the Isle of Man (War Legislation) Act, 1914
--------------------> ^ - ^

>- Summer Time Order, 1986 (SI 1986/223)
>Implemented the third EC Directive, using the October end dates.
>  1986: 30 Match to 26 October
------------> ^

>- Eighth Directive 97/44/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council
>  of 22 July 1997 on summer-time arrangements
>Covers four years: 1998 to 2001. All times are 01:00 GMT. Specifies both
>rules, last Sunday in March and ast Sunday in October, and specific dates:
-------------------------------> ^

May I also highlight the difference between "summertime" and "summer time": I submit that the latter should be used when it means "time kept in the summertime"; if "summer time" is used attributively, the words should be linked by a hyphen (at least if British punctuation practice is to be followed). Most of the time these distinctions have been correctly made; in seven cases, however, "summertime" has been used attributively (always with "arrangements", in fact), when I'm sure "summer-time" is meant.

I'd also like to express my aversion to the abbreviation "no." (worse: "no") for "number". I don't really care how well established it is: the chances that it be confused with the word "no" are too high IMHO. I prefer "#"; in programming-language identifiers (when confusion is particularly likely) I use "num". Is "No" what is used in the originals?

Finally, do all the various directives etc. use the term "GMT"? Should consideration be given to using "UT" instead?

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