Updated UK history of Summer Time

Paul Eggert eggert at twinsun.com
Tue Jan 6 18:28:38 UTC 1998

   Date: Tue, 6 Jan 1998 16:10:30 +1100
   From: Alex LIVINGSTON <alex at agsm.unsw.edu.au>

   Remarkable compilation!

I agree; many thanks to Messrs. Ilieve and Myers!  If only we could have
such definitive sources for our other tz entries.

I'm working on a proposed patch that will make the europe file match
the laws more precisely.  This shouldn't change tz's behavior but
it'll be nicer.  It'll also include Ephraim Silverberg's Israel update,
which is the most pressing change.

   May I also highlight the difference between "summertime" and "summer time"
   ... I'd also like to express my aversion to the abbreviation "no."
   ... Finally, do all the various directives etc. use the term "GMT"?
   Should consideration be given to using "UT" instead?

When referring to an original source we should say whatever the
original source said.  For "summer time", the EU seems to say
"summer-time" in this context, at least on their web sites.  I don't
know what the British Government says.  I'd guess "No." is common in
the British legal system, so we should keep it.  I also presume that
the EU says "UTC" and the British Government says "GMT", so I'll
update the comments accordingly when I come up with a proposed patch.

   >An Order made under the the Isle of Man (War Legislation) Act, 1914
   --------------------> ^ - ^

There are several other instances of this, e.g. ``Another Order
amending the The Defence (Summer Time) Regulations, 1939''
where surely either the ``the'' or the ``The'' should go,
and I'm inclined to do this in my proposed patch.
(For some reason I'm reminded of the old chestnut: ``John, where James
had had `had', had had `had had'.  `Had had' had had
the teacher's approval.')

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