tzcode1998e.tar.gz and tzdata1998e.tar.gz

Paul Stewart stewart at
Sat May 30 19:36:42 UTC 1998

In trying to build tzcode1998e.tar.gz I ran into two problems:

   * seems to have disappeared.
   * localtime.c refers to the function localtime_r() which isn't 

Is it just me?


In message <9805281401.AA24340 at> you write:
>The files
>are now available. The Makefile is changed to produce
>zoneinfo-posix rather than zoneinfo/posix, and to produce
>zoneinfo-leaps rather than zoneinfo/right. The data changes
>recently circulated by Paul Eggert on the time zone mailing list are
>as are the changes from Guy Harris to provide asctime_r and ctime_r.
>And a usno1998 file (substantially identical to usno1997) has been
>				--ado

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