tzcode1998e.tar.gz and tzdata1998e.tar.gz

Guy Harris guy at
Sat May 30 19:41:58 UTC 1998

> In trying to build tzcode1998e.tar.gz I ran into two problems:
>    * seems to have disappeared.
>    * localtime.c refers to the function localtime_r() which isn't 
> defined
>      anywhere.
> Is it just me?

Oh, hell, I forgot to add "localtime_r()".  (I basically took stuff I'd
added to the NetApp filer timezone code, which is derived from the Olson
code - our box *has* only one address space, so interfaces that don't
use static data for per-thread information are a Very Good Idea - but
didn't copy over the "localtime_r()" I did.  Sorry about that....)

I'll send out a patch.

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