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Jim Affleck J.H.Affleck at tesco.net
Mon Aug 7 14:16:23 UTC 2000

Dear sir
I would be grateful for your assistance.  I obtained your E Mail address from Paul Stewart's web page.

I am working on earthquakes which are recorded on UT time tied in with Zone Time.  My problem is that I need to get the "real time" of these events, the time that it takes from Greenwich to reach the longitude by the Earths rotation.

I need to tie up time and longitude, the earthquakes are reported in position of longitude / latitude, but not as accurately as time.  I also need the real time span between quakes.

My ideal solution to this problem would be software that would take in a spreadsheet produced file ( I have thousands of quakes ) and analysing date, time and latitude / longitude produce exact "real time" / Earth rotation time.

I write my own spreadsheet macro's  (Aseasy As)and could construct one if I knew all the time / zone boundary parameters.  From what I have surmised of the crazy Zone and different clock contortions this would be a big job.  I do not write macro's for Excel or Lotus 123 but could work existing macro sheets if they were available.

I hope you can help me as I cannot move forward till I have solved this problem.

Yours sincerely

Jim Affleck       j.h.affleck at tesco.net 

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