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Robert Elz kre at munnari.OZ.AU
Wed Aug 9 05:23:16 UTC 2000

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  | Hmmm...well then how about finessing the issue?

That certainly avoids the problem for now, and I see that Paul has
included that in his most recent update.

Keeping the South Aus zone that way certainly makes sense (I will avoid
comment on just why it is that Australia causes more problems than anywhere
else with this kind of thing...)

But the tzcode sources still need to be fixed one way or another, this
change has just deferred the problem to later to bite us again when there
is a need in the future (just maybe US Presidential time will appear on
the radar again....) and by then all this discussion is likely to have been
forgotten.   What's currently in zic as the default is just broken.
Some kind of decision needs to be made.   Given that we now need no
yearistype data at all, perhaps the solution is to simply drop the default
of "yearistype" if no -y is given, and require explicit usage of the -y
arg if a yearistype script is required to compile a zone file (no implicit
default script name).   That's a pretty simple change, I enclose a patch
below that achieves that (though maybe this is the kind of error that
should cause zic to abort rather than just report the error and continue,
and I am by no means confident that the text of the error message is right).

Probably the current ought have some comments added to
indicate that it is a sample of a script that might be used, and has been
used in the past, but is no longer needed for anything.


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