February 2000 SSIM data

Law, Gwil Jr. Gwil_Law at Bridge-Point.com
Tue Feb 29 19:00:41 UTC 2000

I have received the February, 2000 edition of the Standard Schedules
Information Manual (SSIM) from IATA.  What follows is a narrative list
of changes from the previous edition (September, 1999).  It may be
that neither edition is completely correct, but differences between
them are probably indicative of actual changes in the real world.

Argentina:  had been on UTC-3 for several years.  The new SSIM says
that Argentina is using UTC-4 as its standard time and observing DST
throughout the country from midnight (local time) at the start of the
first Sunday in October until midnight (local DST) start of the first
Sunday in March.  As usual, there is no indication of when this change
took effect.  Although the SSIM lists the beginning of DST in October,
1999, it may be that Argentina simply remained on standard time last
October, but started thinking of it as DST.

Australia:  Tasmania will deviate from its normal rule to begin DST on
August 27, 2000, in synch with Sydney.

Brazil:  A number of states that didn't observe DST are supposed to
have begun using it on October 3, 1999.  They are Alagoas, Sergipe,
Ceara, Maranhao, Paraiba, Pernambuco, Piaui, and Rio Grande do Norte
(UTC-3 standard time), and Roraima (UTC-4).

Chile:  will switch to DST on October 15, 2000, instead of October 8
as previously reported.  The end of DST has been moved a week earlier,
to come on the second Sunday of March instead of the third.

Estonia:  will remain on standard time (UTC+2) year-round.

Israel:  the dates for the beginning and end of DST in 2000 have been
changed to April 14 and September 14, respectively.  The dates for the
following two years remain unchanged.

Jordan:  was shown remaining on standard time year round in the SSIM
dated September, 1999 only.  In all other editions since 1991,
including the present one, it is shown on UTC+2, with DST in the
summer.  The change dates shown in the February, 2000 edition are
different from previous editions.  It says that DST runs from midnight
(local time) at the start of the last Thursday in March until 1:00
(local DST) of the last Thursday in September.

Lithuania:  is said to have moved from UTC+1 (with DST) to UTC+2 (with
DST).  The dates and times of DST start and end, shown in UTC, are
unaltered.  There is no indication of when this change occurred.

Paraguay:  The beginning of DST in 1999 has been changed from October
3 to October 10, in both cases at midnight local time.

Sudan:  changed from UTC+2 to UTC+3.

Tonga:  For 1999-2000 only, Tonga is shown observing DST from 2:00
(local time) on October 1, 1999 to 3:00 (local DST) on April 15, 2000.

Yours,     Gwillim Law

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