February 2000 SSIM data

Paul Eggert eggert at twinsun.com
Tue Feb 29 23:53:53 UTC 2000

   From: "Law, Gwil Jr. " <Gwil_Law at bridge-point.com>
   Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 14:00:41 -0500

   Paraguay:  The beginning of DST in 1999 has been changed from October
   3 to October 10, in both cases at midnight local time.

This is news; thanks!  Unless better info arrives my next proposed
patch will assume that they switch the 2nd Sunday in October and the
last Sunday in February.

   Jordan:  was shown remaining on standard time year round in the SSIM
   dated September, 1999 only.  In all other editions since 1991,
   including the present one, it is shown on UTC+2, with DST in the

Jordan Week reported (via Steffen Thorsen) that in 1999 Jordan
observed DST from Jul 1 to Sep 30.

   The change dates shown in the February, 2000 edition are different
   from previous editions.  It says that DST runs from midnight (local
   time) at the start of the last Thursday in March until 1:00 (local
   DST) of the last Thursday in September.

This is news too; thanks.  I'll include this as part of my next
proposed patch.

   Although the SSIM lists the beginning of DST in October, 1999, it
   may be that Argentina simply remained on standard time last
   October, but started thinking of it as DST.

Yes, that's what Rives McDow reported on 2000-01-10.

   Chile:  will switch to DST on October 15, 2000, instead of October 8
   as previously reported.  The end of DST has been moved a week earlier,
   to come on the second Sunday of March instead of the third.

Since spring 1969, Chile has always switched at 24:00 on the second
Saturday of October, except for the drought year 1998/1999 when it
switched at 00:00 on September 27 and April 4.  I hope this matches
the corrected IATA data.  The phrase "the second Sunday of March"
isn't quite correct: the switch actually occurs at 00:00 on the Sunday
after the second Saturday of March.

   Israel:  the dates for the beginning and end of DST in 2000 have been
   changed to April 14 and September 14, respectively.

This isn't correct, perhaps because the SSIM's data predate the
Israeli government's announcement on 2000-01-16 that the dates are
April 14 and October 22.  Ephraim Silverberg put a copy of this
announcement at:

   Lithuania:  is said to have moved from UTC+1 (with DST) to UTC+2 (with
   DST).  The dates and times of DST start and end, shown in UTC, are
   unaltered.  There is no indication of when this change occurred.

ELTA No. 972 (2582) (1999-09-29) reported (via Steffen Thorsen) that
this occurred at the logical time, on October 31.

   Sudan:  changed from UTC+2 to UTC+3.

Yes.  http://www.sunanews.net/sn13jane.html says this occurred on
2000-01-15 at noon local time.  I'll include this in the next proposed
tz patch.

   Tonga:  For 1999-2000 only, Tonga is shown observing DST from 2:00
   (local time) on October 1, 1999 to 3:00 (local DST) on April 15, 2000.

But http://www.tongaonline.com/news/sept1799.html says that DST will
be observed after 1999/2000 in Tonga.  Did they change their minds
since then?  (Or perhaps the IATA's source was skeptical that they'd
stick with their plan?  :-)

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