Sonora stopped observing DST last year

Paul Hill phill at
Sat Jan 15 00:27:45 UTC 2000

Paul Eggert wrote:
> To follow up on my previous message, I found a Usenet article from an
> unidentified source saying that Sonora stopped observing DST last
> year.  I think my next proposed change will add the following comment
> to the tz data, along with a new zone America/Hermosillo.
> # From <mga707 at> in <news:7e9kp7$1gq$1 at>

I don't know what is suppoed to happen, but with clicking on or
pasting the above URL into my browser results in

"No Such Article"

Is the format complete and correct?


Myriad Genetics:
Java FAQ: (Section 9, Computer Dating)

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