Sonora stopped observing DST last year

Paul Eggert eggert at
Mon Jan 10 08:05:49 UTC 2000

To follow up on my previous message, I found a Usenet article from an
unidentified source saying that Sonora stopped observing DST last
year.  I think my next proposed change will add the following comment
to the tz data, along with a new zone America/Hermosillo.

# From <mga707 at> in <news:7e9kp7$1gq$1 at>
# (1999-04-05):
# This year the Mexican state of Sonora opted not to go on Daylight time,
# so as to remain on the same time as the neighboring state of Arizona.
# The two Nogaleses will be on the same time!

I still haven't found a confirmation of the IATA's report of changes
to the time zone in Atyrau, Kazakhstan.

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