week starts at Sunday or Monday?? Definitive Answer Now Available

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Thu Nov 2 04:54:01 UTC 2000

The week starts on Monday. See "Table 2 - Calendar days" in ISO/FDIS 8601
Data elements and interchange formats -- Information
interchange --Representation of dates and times" (see soft copy attached).

The ISO 8601 standard is being revised. The revised version  will replace
the 1988 version currently in use.

ISO 8601 is the responsibility of  ISO TC 154 "Processes, data elements and
documents in commerce, industry and administration". The chair of this  ISO
TC154 is François Vuilleumier, who the "cc" on this e-mail.

However, should you have comments,critiques, suggestions with respect to the
contents of ISO/FDIS 8601, the appropriate channel for such comments is via
your national standards body and, within it, the entity responsible for
participation in ISO TC154.

Those of you on the "tz at elsie..." mailing list who are "Canadians" or
represent Canada-based organizations, can sent your comments to me and I
will ensure that such inputs are brought forward within our Canadian
Advisory Committee(CAC) for ISO TC154.

I also note that ISO 8601 has a clearly defined and focussed scope. A
wider,more expansive standard pertaining to "time" is being developed by ISO
TC 211 Geographic information.  It is CD "ISO 19108 Geographic
information -- Temporal Schema". You can obtain a copy of this document from
your national standards body. CD ISO 19108 refers to ISO 8601 as a
"Normative Reference".

I trust that this information is helpful.

regards - Jake Knoppers  e-mail: < mpereira at istar.ca >

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> Paul Hill wrote:
> >
> > Antoine Leca wrote:
> > > Hmmm... Historians disagree upon knowing if the Bible texts
> were written
> > > prior or after the establishement of the first Christian communities.
> >
> > I'm not sure how this issue is related to the first day of week
> question.
> I am sure it is not. Which is what I wrote (you should read it as "since
> the Bible does not predate the beginning of Christianity, the argument is
> moot.") I am sorry if my style was elliptic, since I previously had no
> intention to continue this discussion any further.
> I assume I should apologize for being off topic. So, I beg your pardon and
> everyone's else pardon to have followed up on this one.
> <snip>
> > Numbering days of weeks is part of code, but what is the
> "right" day 1 is certainly
> > getting a bit of topic. [...]
> May I suggest to return to my post that started this drifting thread:
> : > what is day 1 ???
> : > is it Sunday, or Monday?
> :
> : Culturally dependent.
> :
> : > what is the Right Thing to do?
> :
> : Ask the user. In other words, to NOT bound this in the code
> : you are writing.
> I am sorry if it was not caught at first time, but it seems to me we are
> right now in complete agreement. In the case my English was faulty on the
> first shot, I mean that what I wrote is exactely the same as your
> conclusion in the post dated 2000-10-04 10:01:08 -0600.
> Regards,
> Antoine
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