Reference for Gregorian Calendar (was: ISO/FDIS 8601:2000)

Markus Kuhn Markus.Kuhn at
Thu Nov 2 12:30:57 UTC 2000

Thanks for posting ISO/FDIS 8601:2000. Looks at first glance like a good
revision of the standard to me.

For section 3.11, it would be nice to have a proper normative reference
added for the "Gregorian Calendar". After all, the Vatican has been far
longer around and is far more widely known than ISO/ITU/IERS/BIPM and
other churches of bureaucracy all together, and like any other standards
body it also publishes normative formal documents, so why not reference
it properly?

Does anyone have the proper reference? If I remember correctly (it has
been a long time), Pope Gregory XIII published back in 1582 three
official documents: a bulletin that explained the reform, a calendar and
a revised list of religious holidays.

Also a reference for the Julian calendar?

I like that section defines the "prolaptic Gregorian calendar"
to have a year 0000, which is a leap year, and that ISO 8601 now has
provisions for years outside the 0000 to 9999 range.


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