Special offer of Nike Sport and Golf goods

hungwl at yahoo.com hungwl at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 7 10:25:34 UTC 2000

We have large quantities of Nike sport goods available. The articles including 
warm up sets, sport bags, rear bags, ice cube bags, winter multi-sport 
gloves and golf gloves. Total quantity available is 2 x 40' container. 
If you are importer or wholesaler of sport goods. Please contact us for 
further information.

Shun Cheong Int'l Enterprise
Unit 10, 9/F Siu Wai Industrial Centre, 29-33 Wing Hong Street, Cheung 
Sha Wan, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
Tel : 852-2390 7777
Fax : 852-2789 1117
Email : scie88 at yahoo.com

Following message in Chinese Big 5 format :

§Ú¥q²{¦³¤j§å¬ü°ê¦WµP "NIKE" Åé¨|¹B°Ê¥Î«~²{³f¡AºØÃþ¦³¹B°Ê®M¸Ë¡B¹B°Ê³U¡B±×±a­IÅn¡B¤p­IÅn¡B³z©ú­IÅn¡B¦h¥Î³~¥V©u¹B°Ê¤â®M¡B°·¨­¤â®M¡B°ªº¸¤Ò²y¤â®Mµ¥¡C³f«~¦X¦@¤G­Ó 
40 §`³fÂd¡A¥þ³¡¬O¤µ©u¥¿«~¡C²{¥H¯S»ù¨ÑÀ³¤J¤f°Ó¤Î§åµo°Ó¡A¦p¦³¿³½ì½Ð³tÁp¨t¥»¤½¥q¡C 

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