Nunavut (northern Canada) changes time zones again

Rich Wales richw at
Tue Nov 7 19:19:38 UTC 2000

Nunavut (formerly the eastern part of Canada's Northwest Territories)
has been struggling with time zones for over a year.  The territory
originally straddled three zones, and efforts to impose a single time
for all of Nunavut have met with vocal opposition.

The latest change (effective Mon. 2000-11-06) appears to keep most of
the territory on UTC-5h (i.e., CDT in summer and EST in winter) year-
round.  However, some communities in western Nunavut will set their
clocks an hour earlier, to UTC-6h.

The news story didn't make it clear whether western Nunavut would
change its clocks in the summer or not.  Also, the National Research
Council -- Canada's federal regulatory body for time zones -- hasn't
updated its maps yet ( to reflect
the latest change in Nunavut.

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