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A couple of links for those who are still interested in places, in spite of
past discussions ;)

Jesper Nørgaard gave earlier:
UN list of capital cities and cities of 100,000 inhabitants and more

Another link, just found by me:
Global Population Project, with many more statistics and info:

Interested in names?
"The GEOnet Names Server (GNS) provides access to the National Imagery and
Mapping Agency's (NIMA) database of foreign geographic feature names.
Approximately 20,000 of the database's 3.5 million features are updated
monthly with names information approved by the U.S. Board on Geographic
Names (US BGN)."
The index to the country files:

Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names
Latitude/longitude, sometimes a bit more info

US State Department: Independent States in the World; a list with capitals:

I just read an article about Sealand (AD Magazine Sep 30 2000, from Algemeen
Dagblad (Dutch),
The Principality of Sealand, not by the UN recognised "country", not in tz:
Location: 051.53.40 N, 01.28.57 E. No information about timezone, probably
Average number of inhabitants: 6.
About 300 people seem to have a Sealand passport.

Which Dutch city (that's 'city', not 'gemeente') is the largest?
Amsterdam 718150
Rotterdam 590480
Den Haag 442800
Source (Dutch site):
UN statistics (see above) gives the same idea (year 1994):
Amsterdam city: 723163, urban agglom.: 1100764
Rotterdam city: 598236, urban agglom.: 1076442
's-Gravenhage city: 444108, urban agglom.: 694733

Oscar van Vlijmen

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