week starts at Sunday or Monday??

MiRaGe at MiRaGe-avm.com MiRaGe at MiRaGe-avm.com
Thu Oct 5 00:08:19 UTC 2000

Over the past couple of years I have sent three or four postings
to the timezone list (tz at elsie.nci.nih.gov), yet my messages
just seem to vanish into thin air. Can somebody explain why this
might be?

Copy of my posting earlier today in response to the "week starts
at Sunday or Monday?" question ...
For what it's worth, my vote for the best day numbering scheme

Sun = 0   (& 7)
Mon = 1
Tue = 2
Wed = 3
Thu = 4
Fri = 5
Sat = 6

This scheme ties in with Judaeo-Christian tradition without
placing too much emphasis on Sunday being day 1.

* Whilst this scheme does go against the grain of the Gregorian
calendarial system which has month and year counts beginning
with 1, not zero. This can be overcome by permitting Sunday to
be day number 7 instead of day 0. This is easily dealt with by
software. (e.g. with  "If WeekDay == 7 then WeekDay = 0") 

If this posting and the highly pertinent timezone corrections I
have supplied in the past is not welcome, then why haven't I
received an explanatory response to that effect?  Am I perhaps
missing some subtle aspect of the list etiquette? 

Ian Tragen
ian at page-1.com

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