(Cyprus), Nicosia is in Europe not Asia.

Gwillim Law gwil at mindspring.com
Tue Sep 12 17:13:20 UTC 2000

> > For some reason Nicosia has been listed as being in Asia and not in
> > Europe. Can this please be changed?

I personally don't care whether Cyprus is considered part of Asia or part of
Europe.  However, it might be considered a politically sensitive question,
since control of the island is currently split between Turkish Cypriots and
Greek Cypriots.  Therefore, I think the tz archive should follow standard
geographical practice.

I looked in a few handy reference books.  In  Merriam Webster's Geographical
Dictionary, Third Edition (1997), under "Asia", I found:  "Boundaries: ...
(4) On W, Red Sea, Isthmus of Suez, ...; chief island Cyprus."  Cyprus is
not mentioned in the "Europe" article.  Rand McNally's Atlas of the World,
Millenium Edition (1999) has Cyprus colored in on the political map of Asia,
but not of Europe.  The National Geographic Atlas of the World and the
Encyclopedia Britannica World Atlas both have lists of countries organized
by continent.  In both of them, Cyprus is listed in Asia, not Europe.  The
Columbia Encyclopedia's article on Asia says, "The conventional boundary
with Europe--which may be said geographically to be a peninsula of the
Eurasian land mass--lies approximately along the Ural mts., the Ural river,
and the Caspian Sea.  Thus defined, Asia, including Ceylon but excluding the
islands of Japan, ...".  I didn't find any reference books that place Ceylon
in Europe.

Yiango, do you have any references to quote to the contrary?

Yours,     Gwillim Law

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