(Cyprus), Nicosia is in Europe not Asia.

Alex LIVINGSTON alex at agsm.edu.au
Tue Sep 12 22:35:30 UTC 2000

At 13:13 -0400 2000-09-12, Gwillim Law wrote:
>I looked in a few handy reference books.  In  Merriam Webster's Geographical
>Dictionary, Third Edition (1997), under "Asia", I found:  "Boundaries: ...
>(4) On W, Red Sea, Isthmus of Suez, ...; chief island Cyprus."  Cyprus is
>not mentioned in the "Europe" article.  Rand McNally's Atlas of the World,
>Millenium Edition (1999) has Cyprus colored in on the political map of Asia,
>but not of Europe.  The National Geographic Atlas of the World and the
>Encyclopedia Britannica World Atlas both have lists of countries organized
>by continent.  In both of them, Cyprus is listed in Asia, not Europe.  The
>Columbia Encyclopedia's article on Asia says, "The conventional boundary
>with Europe--which may be said geographically to be a peninsula of the
>Eurasian land mass--lies approximately along the Ural mts., the Ural river,
>and the Caspian Sea.  Thus defined, Asia, including Ceylon but excluding the
>islands of Japan, ...".  I didn't find any reference books that place Ceylon
>in Europe.

I note that _all_ of the references cited are US publications.

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