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At present the "understood" rule is that "time zone entities" are referenced
as member of only one "aggregate" entity from a time zone perspective. One
has to keeping mind the cascade and management aspects associated with
"classifying"a time zone entity such as Cyprus with more that one aggregate
entities. Irrespective of what Cyprus or "tz" participants think Cyprus is
part of, the larger issue is whether a "tz time zone entity" can be a member
of more than one aggregate (e.g.Europe, Asia,etc.).

Once this issue is resolved and how it is resolved will provide the context/
rule-base for addressing instances such as the case of Cyprus.

trust we can address this "rule" aspect ASAP - Jake Knoppers
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> My vote is to list Cyprus under both Europe and Asia.
> Users can then navigate to Cyprus' timezone settings via whichever path
> their inclinations lead them to use.
> Manavendra Thakur

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