Antoine Leca Antoine.Leca at
Thu Sep 14 17:38:46 UTC 2000

Jake Knoppers wrote
> At present the "understood" rule is that "time zone entities" are referenced
> as member of only one "aggregate" entity from a time zone perspective. One
> has to keeping mind the cascade and management aspects associated with
> "classifying"a time zone entity such as Cyprus with more that one aggregate
> entities. Irrespective of what Cyprus or "tz" participants think Cyprus is
> part of, the larger issue is whether a "tz time zone entity" can be a member
> of more than one aggregate (e.g.Europe, Asia,etc.).

This issue is already decided, it seems. From current distribution:

# @(#)asia	7.56
# See the `europe' file for Russia and Turkey in Asia.

# @(#)europe	7.73
Link	Europe/Istanbul	Asia/Istanbul	# Istanbul is in both continents.

Then, I do not see where is the issue to add a new line for Cyprus, for example
like the attached patch (I have no strict feelings on the comment ;-)).

And yes, I have perfectly in mind a number of issues, and even hard problems,
that are created with the mere existence of links in the tz database. But the
addition of a new line to an already long list is not increasing significantly
the problem here.


P.S. Apologizes to Jake to which I sent earlier privately this message
  which is obviously destined to the whole list.
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*** europe	Thu Aug 10 06:31:08 2000
--- europe.txt	Thu Sep 14 14:29:48 2000
*** 45,50 ****
--- 45,52 ----
  #	 2:00	EET EEST Eastern Europe
  #	 3:00	MSK MSD	Moscow
+ # See the `asia' file for Cyprus.
+ #
  # A reliable and entertaining source about time zones, especially in Britain,
  # Derek Howse, Greenwich time and longitude, Philip Wilson Publishers (1997).
*** asia	Thu Aug 10 06:31:36 2000
--- asia.txt	Thu Sep 14 14:29:10 2000
*** 302,307 ****
--- 302,309 ----
  			2:00	EUAsia	EE%sT
  # IATA SSIM (1998-09) has Cyprus using EU rules for the first time.
+ Link	Asia/Nicosia	Europe/Nicosia	# Cyprus would like to be a European coutry.
  # Georgia
  # From Paul Eggert <eggert at> (1994-11-19):
  # Today's _Economist_ (p 60) reports that Georgia moved its clocks forward

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