Sao Paulo DST change this year?

David Madeo David.Madeo at
Wed Sep 27 22:26:13 UTC 2000


Sorry to distract from the alternative names, but I have a report from a
Sao Paulo colleague that they've changed the date for the transition
again this year.  According to him,

     As you may know we have the daylight savings for Sao Paulo/Brazil
     soon and as it happens every year the government has changed the
     again... It'll start on oct/8th and will end on February 18 both at

This doesn't seem to match up with this excerpt from 2000f/southamerica

# Decree <a href="">3,188</a>
# adds SE, AL, PE, PR, RN, CE, PI, MA and RR.
# These give only one year's rules.  After that, the rules are guesses
# and are quite possibly wrong, but are more likely than no DST at all.
Rule    Brazil  1999    max     -       Oct     Sun>=1   0:00   1:00
Rule    Brazil  2000    max     -       Feb     lastSun  0:00   0

I can't believe I'm the first to report this.  Did I miss an update?  Is
my colleague misinformed?



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