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Thu Sep 28 14:54:29 UTC 2000

>> Many time-zone regions do not have a `capital' of any sort.  To give
>> just one example, the time zone `America/Los_Angeles' has three
>> `capitals': Sacramento, Salem, and Olympia.  None of these are obvious
>> choices.  `America/Chicago' has even more possibilities.
>Dunno, the book "The world almanac and book of facts", World Almanac Books,
>1998, gives on page 542 a list of US state capitals with Sacramento as the
>only capital of California, Springfield (not Chicago) as capital of
>Illinois, etcetera. Good maps will also show the one and only capital of

i think you misunderstand.  the timezone that is now desribed by the
file America/Los_Angeles, has three states in it with three different
capitals -- sacramento, salem, and olympia -- any one of which would
be a "good choice" if time zones were to be named after capitals
instead of population centers.

with America/Chicago (and american central time) there are lots of
choices of capitals, but only one really large population center.

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