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Sun Aug 26 14:01:42 UTC 2001

>From Paul Eggert:

> Also, the two maps disagree about
> Ul'yanovskaya oblast' <>,
> Altajskij kraj <>,
> and Respublika Altaj <>.
> says the first is at UTC+4 and the other
> two at UTC+7; says UTC+3 and UTC+6 respectively.

In my email dated 2001-06-13 a couple of Russian language timezone lists are
These lists say:

* Ul'yanovsk, in the Ul'yanovskaya oblast' - timezone Moswow + 1 (UTC+4 in
* Barnaul, in the Altajskij kraj - timezone Moscow +4 (UTC+7 in winter)
* Gorno-Altaijsk, in the Respublika Altaj - timezone Moscow +4 (UTC+7 in
winter) gives the same information.
See for one of those lists e.g.

By the way, these lists say Azerbajdzhan, Kazakhstan, Tadzhikistan,
Turkmeniya and Uzbekistan don't do DST.
But, says Azerbajdzhan and Kazakhstan (3 zones) do obey
DST, while Tadzhikistan, Turkmeniya and Uzbekistan do not, which is the same
information the tz-database gives.

There is another discrepancy between and
According to the Arkhangel'skaya oblast' consists of the mainland
part, the island Novaya Zemlya and the islet Kolguyev, all within the same
timezone as Moscow. Worldtimezone however puts Kolguyev in the Moscow zone
and Novaya Zemlya in the Moscow+1 zone.

Hmmm, it's very difficult to get some definitive answers!


Oscar van Vlijmen

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