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If the map in is correct, it seems to me
that the GMT+6 region (or Moscow+3 if you like) is bigger to the south than
most timezone maps of Russia I have come across until now. I assume this is
what Oscar is referring to as "Respublika Altaj" and "Altajskij kraj".

I attach a GIF file of this area as seen in World Time Explorer. Is it correct to
conclude that the cities Rubtsovsk, Barnaul and Bijsk are all on GMT+6, not
on GMT+7?


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Alan Pritchard wrote:

> I have had the following information regarding Sakha
This is very useful! Thanks.

> [Also the map at ]
I converted the image map code on this web page to a list (below) and
transliterated the Russian names for those who want to do further research.

Please note that there are some conflicts between this timezone map and
earlier information about the regions we investigated between 2001-06-10 and
2001-06-19 (cf. tz email archive). Seems that there are a bit too many
regions in the Moscow timezone, according to Anton Star/

The following list is sorted by Moscow-offset and then by the names of the
regions without the respublika, oblast' etc, in the order of the Russian
alphabet. Transliteration scheme: Chemical Abstracts, the most readable
transliteration - with the exception: ' is a soft sign, which should have
been transliterated to the less email compatible '.

Kaliningradskaya oblast'

Moskva = 0
Moskovskaya oblast'
Respublika Adygeya
Arkhangel'skaya oblast'
Astrakhanskaya oblast'
Belgorodskaya oblast'
Bryanskaya oblast'
Vladimirskaya oblast'
Volgogradskaya oblast'
Vologodskaya oblast'
Voronezhskaya oblast'
Respublika Dagestan
Ivanovskaya oblast'
Respublika Ingushetiya
Kabarbino-Balkarskaya Respublika
Respublika Kalmykiya
Kalyzhskaya oblast'
Respublika Karachaevo-Cherkessiya
Respublika Kareliya
Kirovskaya oblast'
Respublika Komi
Kostromskaya oblast'
Krasnodarskij kraj
Kurskaya oblast'
Leningradskaya oblast'
Lipetskaya oblast'
Respublika Marij El
Respublika Mordoviya
Murmanskaya oblast'
Nenetskij avtonomnyj okrug
Nizhegorodskaya oblast'
Novgorodskaya oblast'
Orlovskaya oblast'
Penzenskaya oblast'
Pskovskaya oblast'
Rostovskaya oblast'
Ryazanskaya oblast'
Saratovskaya oblast'
Respublika Severnaya Osetiya
Smolenskaya oblast'
Stavropol'skij kraj
Tambovskaya oblast'
Respublika Tatarstan
Tverskaya oblast'
Tyl'skaya oblast'
Ul'yanovskaya oblast'
Chechenskaya Respublika
Chuvashskaya oblast'
Yaroslavskaya oblast'

Samarskaya oblast'
Udmyrtskaya respublika

Respublika Bashkortostan
Komi-Permyatskij avtonomnyj okrug
Kurganskaya oblast'
Orenburgskaya oblast'
Permskaya oblast'
Sverdlovskaya oblast'
Tyumenskaya oblast'
Khanty-Manskijskij avtonomnyj okrug
Chelyabinskaya oblast'
Yamalo-Nenetskij avtonomnyj okrug

Respublika Altaj
Altajskij kraj
Omskaya oblast'
Novosibirskaya oblast'

Kemerovskaya oblast'
Krasnoyarskij kraj
Tajmyrskij (Dolgano-Nenetskij) avtonomnyj okrug
Tomskaya oblast'
Respublika Tuva
Respublika Khakasiya
Evenkijskij avtonomnyj okrug

Respublika Buryatiya
Irkutskaya oblast'
Ust'-Ordynskij Buryatskij avtonomnyj okrug

Aginskij Buryatskij avtonomnyj okrug
Amurskaya oblast'
Respublika Sakha (Yakutiya)
Chitinskaya oblast'

Evrejskaya avtonomnaya oblast'
Khabarovskij kraj
Primorskij kraj
Respublika Sakha (Yakutiya)
Sakhalinskaya oblast'

Magadanskaya oblast'
Respublika Sakha (Yakutiya)

Kamchatskaya oblast'
Koryakskij avtonomnyj okrug
Chukotskij avtonomnyj okrug


Oscar van Vlijmen

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